Heating accounts for a significant portion of the average household and office’s energy costs, therefore it’s crucial to select the right heating method for your particular “space”.  An inappropriate choice could prove both costly and uncomfortable.  Ladd Air Services offer many alternatives, feel free to Contact us now and have an experienced staff member visit and review your options.


We can also service your existing system to ensure it is working effectively and efficiently.  When was the last time your filters were cleaned?  Do your ducts need a clean or refurbishment?  Contact us now for one of our staff to assess your current system’s operation.


Heating Options

Gas Ducted Heating

Involves an external unit which pushes warm air throughout your home or office (via ducts) to floor or ceiling vents.  The effectiveness of these systems relies heavily upon correct airflow balance.


Panel Heaters

An economical choice to heat a smaller space.  Panel heaters use radiant heat, eliminating any forced air movement and thus make.


Split Systems

Ideal if you are wanting to heat or cool one room or area.  Split systems come in cooling only, reverse cycle (which heat and cool) or humidifying systems. 


Reverse cycle systems are a popular choice as they can keep you comfortable all year round.  Inverter systems are also available, they adjust the rate of heating/ cooling to ensure a more efficient running cost.


Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

A fully ducted reverse cycle system can condition your entire home from one central thermostat. This system will heat the home as well as giving you refrigerated air conditioning in the one system.


Confused by all the choices? Contact us now for a free consultation and quote