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Cooling Options

Split Systems

Ideal if you are wanting to heat or cool one room or area.  Split systems come in cooling only, reverse cycle (which heat and cool) or humidifying systems.


Reverse cycle systems are a popular choice as they can keep you comfortable all year round.  Inverter systems are also available, they adjust the rate of heating/ cooling to ensure a more efficient running cost.


Multi-split Systems

Involve one outdoor condensing unit connected to multiple indoor units.  Rather than having a split system in each room of your home or office, a multi-split system is much more economical to run, while still allowing you to have different set temperatures in each space.


Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

Allow for ultimate climate control of your entire home or office.  Design of these of these systems is crucial in achieving cost effective results, that’s where we are here to help.  We can design a system with two or more zones, enabling you to heat or cool at different times.


Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is arguably the most cost effective (to install and run), this system is a particularly healthy way to cool your entire home or office, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.  By replacing stagnate air with clean fresh filtered air, evaporative cooling eliminates smells and airborne germs.  Unlike refrigerated cooling, evaporative cooling performs best when doors and windows are kept open.  It is therefore perfect for homes with children or animals who are constantly going in and out of the home.


This system does not however suit everyone, if you prefer a ‘colder’ type of cooling, we’d recommend a type of refrigerated air conditioning instead (such as a split system or ducted air conditioning).


Add-on Airconditioning

Involves attaching a refrigerated add-on system to an existing ducted heater, providing both heating and cooling through the same duct.  It can be installed from the beginning with your heater or a later date (provided your heater is compatible).  It uses the fan from your ducted heater to deliver cool, filtered and refrigerated air to your home or office.


To be able to add-on airconditioning to the gas central / ducted heater, the installation will require a larger fan capacity along with increased ducting and vents, and therefore is not suitable for all existing heating systems.


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